It’s A Dogs Life

mutts playingLife expectancy of dogs has increased by more than 20% over the last 10 years.

This increase is likely due to improved quality of food, adapted lifestyles and, most importantly, veterinary care, which continues to grow.

For the majority how many dogs does the average family have?  Life expectancy varies in the same sense as size: elephants live much longer than mice. On the dog’s side, it is opposite.  A chihuahua can thus live up to 15 years whereas a Danish will have difficulty to exceed the 7 years.

The German Mastiff is one of the dogs with the shortest life expectancy (8 years).

Everything would be played in the early childhood of the dog. Puppies destined to become imposing dogs, indeed, would exhibit a particular metabolism. To grow and quickly reach their adult size, these puppies burn a lot of energy.

They produce a lot of free radicals whose effects could prove to be deleterious. The life expectancy of large dogs could, therefore, be increased by the antioxidants administered to them during their childhood.

Dogs that live the longest:

mutts playingAbove the average of 11 years, we thus find mainly dogs of small size.

Among the dogs that live the longest:

Corgi, the queen of England’s pet.

lhasa Apso, a small dog from Tibet, equally robust.

Portuguese cattle dog.

Australian cattle dog, a medium-sized dog.

Shih Tzu, a dog breed from Tibet.

Dwarf Spitz, or Loulou of Pomerania, a miniature dog from Germany.

Dachshund, a rustic and robust dog.

Chihuahua, the smallest dog in the world, which despite its apparent fragility has a life expectancy of about twenty years.

Yorkshire terrier, who can hope to live to 20 years.

Poodle, which can live up to 19 years.

Dogs that live the least long:

On the other side of the scale,

Bullmastiff (11 years old).

Leonberg (11 years old).

The Saint-Bernard is one of the dog breeds that live the least long (8 to 10 years).

German Mastiff (8 years old) are some of the breeds of dogs that live the least long.

Note: that the English bulldog and the shar-pei are an exception with a life expectancy of only 6 years.

And, on the big side, the golden retriever still has a life expectancy of about 12 years.

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

As annoying as this can be sometimes our canine friends contribute to cleaning the container of their feline nemesis, but in a somewhat unpleasant way for our taste; Seeing your dog eating your cat’s feces is so disgusting that at that moment the first thing you think about is what they last licked.

When this happens the first thing we need to figure out is why do they do this?

And from there we can take appropriate measures.

litter box

Cat feces are almost a treat for our dogs since the cat’s food is richer in fat and has a strong smell, when the cat deposits its excrement in the container our dog is attracted by that strong smell and cannot avoid eating it no matter how gross it seems to us.

Falling into the temptation to eat something that, according to our sense of smell is very good, is very easy.

Dog Eating Crap

When the dog is a puppy you will just need a simple no, so you do not let it get too close. If the dog is an adult in addition to a No you need to investigate more, because, your dog may need a number of nutrients that it seeks in the poop.

In this case, it will be advisable to consult the veterinarian and he will recommend us a food that has said nutrients.First of all, it is not normal behavior but it has a solution.

Tips to follow

-Try to keep your cat’s feces as short as possible in the container.

-Buy a dog proof litter box like these

-Help that your dog is well fed and satiated.

-Do not let him get too close to the container, you know a “No” your dog will catch.

-And of course, have a lot of patience!