Benefits Of Having A Dog

Did you know that having a dog brings many benefits to our health? If you like dogs and you are considering adopting or buying one, surely this list of benefits weighs a lot on the side of the advantages at the time of taking that step.

Beyond having a dog as a companion animal, there is scientific and proven evidence that dog owners have much healthier, fuller and happier lives.

Living with a dog helps your physical, mental and emotional health since it forces you to carry out a series of activities that you would not do otherwise.

When you are sure of having the time and type of life that allows you to have a dog, and after having informed you about the different breeds and personalities to know which dogs are the best pets, it will be time to know all the benefits of having a dog.

  • Studies show that owners of a dog have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than people who do not live with a dog.  In addition, they are less likely to suffer from minor or serious health problems.
  • Dog owners have a stronger immune system, which helps them stay well and spend less time overcoming diseases and infections. In fact, those who have a dog usually go less to the doctor than those who do not and are also less likely to need medication.
  • People recover faster from their ailments and even show higher survival rate after a heart attack if they have a dog.
  • Children with chronic diseases often face treatment better if they have a canine companion.
  • Dogs provide a sense of emotional well-being through the unconditional love they give us. That is why they are a great company and consolation for people who live alone.
  • Having a dog can help people recover from personal trauma, such as the loss of a loved one.
  • Living with a dog can help mentally ill patients recover and feel better.
  • Taking your dog for a walk usually helps you improve your physical condition and keep you healthy!
  • When taking the dog for a walk it is common to meet other dog owners, so you can make friends at the same time as your dog.
  • The walks will offer you the valuable opportunity to disconnect from everything and spend some time with your faithful friend.

In addition to all these “serious” benefits, dogs are tremendously fun. They can make you laugh, they are there at the end of a hard day, and they will almost always be on hand for a reassuring hug when you need it.

Studies show that people who have dogs rely more on those who also have dogs and therefore are more likely to interact with them. They provide an emotional balance helping us to be more responsible, attentive and loving increasing our social contact.