Andrew Harvey concedes defeat in Ward 2

This is a limited edition ballot, #1 of 511

Hey Folks,

It has been a very long time since I updated my website. The election came and went as it will every 4 years, but the colour of the leaves did not change in Ward 2 (this time).

I want to personally thank everyone who voted for me, helped me out during the election, put a sign up for me, told someone about me, thought nice thoughts about me, debated/argued with me during the campaign, handed out flyers for me, or did anything nice at all for me.

I fought a valiant effort, and pounded the pavement, talked to a lot of people, got interviewed many times, handed out a bunch of flyers, promoted some debate about municipal issues, and generally tried to rattle the dusty cage of municipal politics.

The real beauty is that I won! 510 people other then myself saw it fit to fill in a little box beside my name on a mail-in ballot. I only decided to run in this election in June, because I was so disgusted with the stagnation and inaction by our municipal leaders on issues I feel to be vitally important to all of us, and this world. In an election with voter turnout around 40%, conducted by mail-in ballot, where half the ballots are cast with 3 weeks left in the campaign, name recognition is everything, and people did not recognize my name. They did recognize Frank Galgay’s name unfortunately, and given the fact that the city has not seen a third great fire in his 12 year reign over Ward 2, they decided to elect him.

You know what, as disappointing as that may be personally to me, given that I feel that I would do a better job of representing Ward 2 then he is, that is tough shit for me. That’s what you call Democracy.

But not to worry Ward 2 (and all of St. John’s), Andrew Harvey is not the kind of person to give up. This loss was a sobering slap in the face from the monster which plagues all forms of North American “Democracy”, Apathy. This loss has made me want, worse then ever, to force people to take accountability for the world around them, and recognize the effects of their actions (or more often then not, INaction).

I am committed to changing the way this city interacts with the people who are paid to represent them. I will do my best to ensure that all of our elected officials realize that Democracy is the rule of the people. Without hearing the voice of the people, they are not doing their job.

The apathy which runs rampant over the dying body of our once beautiful Democracy must be shaken off. This requires people to get up off their asses, and ensure that their voices are heard. It also requires that our elected officials create situations where meaningful dialogue surrounding the important issues of our society may be held, and be used to guide the decisions which shape our world. Until then, the same inequality and exploitation of the masses by the powerful few will continue.

So please Friends, make sure to vote as early and as often as possible.

I assure you that this will not be the last the voting populous of St. John’s has seen of Andrew Harvey. Mark my wor